Thursday, 22 October 2015

Creative Writing:  “Feathers in the Wind” by James

Tall cirrus clouds berthed across the sky,

Mustered a memory for me to see in my mind’s eye,

Imagery of Tall ships standing by majestically,

At lee, facing an open serene sea,

Embracing hues of azurine, gilded with sunset marquetry.

Diverging filaments, like gossamer, cast broadside,

Askew and slack, of different tack,

Reminded of the vessels rigging tied,

Made ready, for the oncoming tide,

To make sail, by the gentle breeze that prevailed.

The calm Autumn evening, balm and warm,

Had that perfect peace that can precede a storm,

When the tranquillity was gently stirred.

From a distance, a babbling could be heard,

A gaggle, gaggling rapidly in syncope.

The natural sound, fathomable immediately.

Scanned to locate the advancing precipitating garble,

Announcing the seasons ebb, the forthcoming fall,

Numerous dwarf, sun dappled, silhouettes in a sea of sky,

Voyaging high,

In characteristic symmetry,

Forming a distinctive V,

Bore steadily,

Starboard, off the North Sea,

Bow bearing South Easterly.

Manoeuvring with grace and craft,

Alternating formation positions, midship, stern and aft,

They kept pace, the configuration close and steady,

Each one winging with intent, perfectly, ably,

Riding the current and uplifting eddy.

Swiftly the zenith was gained, the gabbling waned,

To solitary chords,

Soulful tones, in accord,

As though appealing, not to falter, or stray,

Impelling to alter course as necessary, to make headway,

Away from the dying sun being reborn far far away.

They coasted leeward on their lengthy odyssey,

Until afar, too far to see,

Only to hear their mellowing calls drift and fade …

Launching a memory of chanting conveyed,

With solemnity at close of day …

Giving way to a hushed ambience, harbouring sentimentality.

Pondered their vulnerable intrinsic existence,

A metaphor for life’s transience, indwelling endurance.

Contemplation flowed with rippling reminiscence,

Casting off thoughts, given headway in the silence,

To mindfully drift, like feathers in the wind.

We are grateful to James for him allowing us to share his poem with you.  He is learning with us in Cummings Park, Aberdeen. 
Sessions every Thursday, Cummings Park Community Flat from 11am until 1pm.

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